Kanban boards and company chat for free

The app combines Kanban boards and Chat to streamline workflow.

A single platform for task management and team communication.

And most importantly, it is free and without limits on use.

Kanban view: streamline your workflow

Easily manage your tasks and projects with an intuitive Kanban view. Add boards, lists, and tasks and quickly move them through different stages of execution. You can easily categorize and prioritize your work with support for colors, tags, and due dates. Keep track of your progress and deadlines so nothing falls through.

Time tracking: stay on top of deadlines

Manage your time effectively and meet deadlines with our built-in time-tracking feature. Log and track the time spent on each task, get valuable insights into your productivity, and make sure you reach your goals. Take control of your schedule and optimize your time management.

Google Drive Sync: Centralize Your Resources

Say goodbye to scattered files and documents. Our app syncs with Google Drive, allowing you to access project files from within the app. Keep all your essential resources in one place for easy access and efficient collaboration.

Comments and performers: effective collaboration

Simplify collaboration and ease communication with inline comments. Provide feedback, discuss ideas, and provide updates directly to issues. Assign people to specific tasks, ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities. Maintain clear and transparent communication within your team.

Archive and external access: keep records and attract customers

Clean up your boards without losing important information. Archive completed tasks and projects, so you don't clutter up your workspace. Also, provide external access to clients or stakeholders so that they can view specific boards and get information about the project's progress. Increase transparency and effectively attract customers.

Bulk Actions and Filters: Improve Efficiency

Save time and increase efficiency with our Bulk Actions feature. Perform actions such as moving, archiving, or deleting multiple tasks simultaneously, reducing repetitive tasks and streamlining your workflow. Use filters to select tasks based on various criteria to focus on the most important ones.

Hot Keys: Boost Your Productivity

Increase your productivity with hotkeys. Access to standard actions and keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips, allows you to quickly and easily navigate the application. Speed up your workflow and complete tasks with ease.

Chat function: seamless communication

The app goes beyond task management by providing a company hat feature. Chat with your team members, clients, or employees right in the app. Participate in group discussions or send private messages for more substantive conversations. Share ideas, provide updates, and answer questions in one centralized platform.

Search, Emoji, Giphy Animation

Find specific posts or issues quickly using our powerful search feature. Express yourself and add personality to your conversations with many emojis. Bring fun and vibrancy to your chats with Giphy animations by creating a lively and engaging chat environment.

Answers, reactions, link previews

Interact with your team using the reply and reaction feature. Respond to specific messages to promote focused discussions and keep conversations organized. React to messages to express agreement, support, or other feelings. A preview of website links in the chat is also available.

Attachments, messages to tasks conversion: easy collaboration

Easily share files, images and documents with your team. Attach files directly to messages, making it easy to share files and collaborate. Turn important messages or discussions into actionable tasks with just one click. Capture ideas and actions on the fly so nothing is missed.

Reports: get valuable insights

Create detailed reports to get an idea of your team's progress. Filter data to focus on specific criteria and visualize your team's performance with graphs and charts. Export reports in PDF format for easy sharing and analysis. Make data-driven decisions and continually improve your team's performance.

Sign up today and enjoy all these features and more for free. Organize your tasks, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and efficiently achieve your goals.

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Sign up today and enjoy all these features and more for free. Organize your tasks, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and efficiently achieve your goals.