Free Kanban Boards & Company Chat: Streamline Your Workflow

Task Management and Team Communication on One Platform. The interface combines Kanban boards and real-time chat. 🚀

Start with:

Data encryption

Tasks, comments, and messages in chat are encrypted using the AES algorithm.


Chat with your team members, clients, or employees. Participate in group discussions or send private messages. Convert messages into tasks if needed.

Kanban and List views

Add boards, lists, and tasks. Move them through different stages of execution. Categorize and prioritize your work with the support of colors, tags, and due dates.

Time tracking

Manage your time and meet deadlines with a time-tracking feature. Log and track the time spent on each task, get insights into your productivity, and make sure you reach your goals.

Comments and performers

Provide feedback and discuss updates. Assign people to specific tasks. Maintain clear and transparent communication within your team.


Clear boards without losing important information. Use transaction history to analyze data and prepare documents.

Bulk Actions and Filters

Move, archive, or delete multiple tasks simultaneously. Filter out irrelevant tasks to see what's important for you. Use filters to select tasks based on various criteria to focus on the most important ones.

Hot Keys

Increase your productivity with hotkeys. Access to standard actions and keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips, allows you to quickly and easily navigate the application.


Express yourself and add personality to your conversations using emojis, Giphy, answers, reactions and link previews


Easily share files, images, and documents with your team.


View online or export reports in PDF format. Make data-driven decisions to improve your team's performance continually.

External access

Increase transparency of your operations. Provide external access to clients or stakeholders so that they can view and comment on selected private boards.

Sign up today and enjoy all these features and more for free. Organize your tasks, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and efficiently achieve your goals.

Begin Your Productivity Journey for Free Today

Sign up today and enjoy all these features and more for free. Organize your tasks, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and efficiently achieve your goals.

Workflow and Collaboration


Kanban boards lift uncertainty. Tasks aren't items on a to-do list—they're representations of progress as cards flow through each pipeline stage. Both managers and teams gain clear insight. Leaders can track milestone progress to optimize resource allocation and acceleration. Contributors are fueled by a vivid sense of advancement, driving shared momentum.

Beyond organizing workload, our boards promote transparency on all levels. Clients gain an overview of project timelines and status through selective board access. Teams have a clear sight of who is responsible for each task. And for individuals, nothing gets lost in the shuffle because personal workloads are visually mapped out.

Through our Kanban interface, all stakeholders have visibility to maximize coordination, productivity, and collective success.


In integrated chat, conversations intertwine with tasks, becoming integral to progress. Have an idea that could lead to a new project? Convert it into an actionable task instantly without leaving the discussion. Need clarity to move forward on a task? Ping collaborators on the spot within the task card.

With topic-based discussions anchored to specific tasks, exchanges stay focused and constructive. Team members can easily track progress, provide relevant updates, and ask questions where they matter most—alongside the actual work. Records of conversations also create useful documentation, minimizing duplicate requests.

By interlacing real-time communication with a structured workflow, our chat feature creates effortless synchronicity across teams, streamlining project velocity. From ideas to debates to progress-pushing decisions, conversations become the driving force of advancement.