Stop Searching for Tasks in Endless Chats

Turn every chat message into a clear, trackable task.

Capture decisions and action items, and ensure nothing gets lost. Simplify your team's workflow and boost productivity.

Start with:
Discuss work without losing context

Discuss work without losing context

Create tasks from chat messages or conversation threads to task comments.

Create as many boards as you want

Create as many boards as you want

Use filtering, tagging, time tracker, color coding, bulk operations, collapse columns and more

Display data the way you like

Display data the way you like

Use list view to see all your work at one glance

Upload attachments without limits

Upload attachments without limits

And preview contents in a gallery.

Kanban and List views

Add boards, lists, and tasks. Move them through different stages of execution. Categorize and prioritize your work with the support of colors, tags, and due dates.


Chat with your team members, clients, or employees. Participate in group discussions or send private messages. Convert messages into tasks if needed.

Time tracking

Track the time spent on each task, get insights into your productivity, make sure you reach your goals. Set cost of hour, export calculation in PDF or Excel Sheet compatible format.

Data encryption

Tasks, comments, and messages in chat are encrypted using the AES algorithm.

Comments and performers

Provide feedback and discuss updates. Assign people to specific tasks. Maintain clear and transparent communication within your team.


Clear boards without losing important information. Use transaction history to analyze data and prepare documents.

Bulk Actions and Filters

Move, archive, or delete multiple tasks simultaneously. Filter out irrelevant tasks to see what's important for you. Use filters to select tasks based on various criteria to focus on the most important ones.

Hot Keys

Increase your productivity with hotkeys. Access to standard actions and keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips, allows you to quickly and easily navigate the application.


Express yourself and add personality to your conversations using emojis, Giphy, answers, reactions and link previews


Easily share files, images, and documents with your team.


View online or export reports in PDF format. Make data-driven decisions to improve your team's performance continually.

External access

Increase transparency of your operations. Provide external access to clients or stakeholders so that they can view and comment on selected private boards.

Sign up today and enjoy all these features and more for free. Organize your tasks, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and efficiently achieve your goals.

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Sign up today and enjoy all these features and more for free. Organize your tasks, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and efficiently achieve your goals.

Workflow and Collaboration

Get Chat & Kanban board working together

We all know how tough it can be to keep everyone on the same page when working on projects. Conversations get lost in endless email chains, important details get buried, and it's hard to see what progress has been made. It's a real pain and slows everyone down.

Rememo puts everything you need in one place - kanban boards to organize your tasks and built-in chat to talk about them. No more jumping between different tools or losing track of who said what. With our app, all your work and conversations are together, so you and your team can focus on getting things done.

The kanban boards make it super easy to see what needs to be done, what's being worked on, and what's finished. And whenever you need to discuss something, the chat is right there. You can talk about tasks, share files, and make decisions without ever leaving the app.

Whether you're working with a small group or a big team, our app can handle it. It'll help you cut through the noise, stay organized, and get more done in less time. Give it a try and see the difference it makes.

Stop scrolling through abstract chatter

We understand that when you're working on a project, discussions can easily get messy and go off-topic. It's frustrating when you can't find the information you need because it's buried in a long chat thread mixed with other conversations. That's where our chat tabs feature comes in.

With chat tabs, you can create separate spaces for different topics. For example, you might have a tab for general discussions, another for design decisions, and one for bug reports. This way, conversations stay focused and on-track, making it easy to find what you need later.

Each tab is like a mini-chatroom dedicated to a specific aspect of your work. You can invite the relevant team members to join the tabs they need to be a part of, keeping everyone in the loop without overwhelming them with irrelevant chatter.

Chat tabs work seamlessly with our kanban boards, so you can keep your tasks and discussions organized and connected. You can even link specific tasks to relevant chat tabs, making it simple to see the context and history behind each item on your board.

Whether you're discussing a new feature, troubleshooting an issue, or brainstorming ideas, chat tabs help keep your conversations structured and easy to follow. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless messages to find what you need – with chat tabs, everything is just a click away.