Change log

Change log


Chat tabs


  • New UI

  • Authentication process improvement

  • Migration to Cloudflare


  • Notifications

  • External link access

  • UI improvements


  • Chat with support for groups and direct messages

  • Fixed several application bugs

  • Error logging improvements

  • changelog translation


  • Internal updates related to database management

  • Dependency Update

  • UI fixes


  • Fixed mass selection when long pressing on a column header.

  • Fixed hang when deleting a task

  • Added project lists for the mobile menu

  • Priority is now displayed in tasks

  • Invitations for already registered users

  • Increased light theme contrast


  • Filters for offline boards

  • Datepicker UI fixes in filter and settings

  • User invite fixed


  • Refactoring settings and mobile browsing

  • Fixed error loading user profile image

  • Dark theme support for range date picker

  • The Giphy bug is fixed.

  • Mobile card activity update


  • Several SEO and blog improvements


  • Migrating from Markdown to Strapi

  • Blog Pages

  • Fix content layout offset on the task page


  • Open Graph preview for links in comments

  • Strapi backend now manages tasks offline by default

  • Unread comment indicator for cards

  • Fixed several minor UI issues


  • Task filters by assigned users, tags, dates, priority

  • UI translation improvements for Russian and Thai.

  • Archive task details UI improvements


  • Added blog engine

  • Test server to improve overall system stability

  • Team settings for full control over the staffing of the organization


  • Added archiving and bulk archiving actions for authorized users.

  • Changed the design of text pages, added a side menu

  • Changed the logic of translation of offline boards


  • Added range date selection for announcements and cards. Users can enable calendar range mode in interface settings.

  • Dropdown HTML markup simplified, button style updated

  • Higher contrast UI tweaks, redirect centralization, minor styling updates

  • Sitemap improvements


  • Added a report page that reflects the tracked time on the cards

  • The current multilingual library has been replaced with a more performant solution

  • Added cache on the server side for boards with reset mechanism

  • Fixed maximum textarea character length bug


  • Tooltips have been replaced with plain HTML titles due to performance issues.

  • Added asynchronous functions to improve board performance.

  • Reworked board task logic for better UX and performance.


  • Migration from Sapper to Sveltekit and refactoring


  • Refactoring client code to achieve better First Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift.

  • Task action buttons can now be reordered and hidden.


  • User/company settings.

  • The task time tracker has been redesigned to be more accurate, adding a toaster for the active timer.

  • Fixed accordion logic for projects with private/public lists.

  • Resolved an issue where the parent HTML node was destroyed, and the orphaned tooltip remained hanging.

  • Task Attachments Beta


  • Project sharing now works between users in beta testing. Guest users can perform basic operations on shared boards, except for deleting data. Users not yet registered in the system will receive public access after authorization.

  • Correct display of the number of companies on the page "About the company"

  • Uploading profile pictures for users and companies has been rewritten


  • Fixed an issue with the Tailwind safe list (all required CSS classes are now correctly added to the bundle)

  • Fixed a problem with updating the map description in online mode.

  • Prepared changes to enable list sharing

  • Online version available in beta test

  • Pick up client/server-side dependencies

  • Fixed the ability to add comments on the task details page

  • The mobile hamburger is hidden until the menu component is loaded

  • Fixed user input style and tag search.

  • Fixed a UI bug that allowed blank invitations and sharing lists to be sent to invalid email addresses.

  • Articles now have the correct size when opening the projects menu.

  • Added translations for personal and public lists


  • New user registration refactored using transaction

  • E2E script to create a new task with priority, due date, and tags

  • The extended view is now applied to projects (previously for the user)

  • Resolved several bugs related to an authorized mode in production.


  • The URL scheme has been restructured, and translation pages have been moved to the /[lang] route to protect specific routes from access.

  • Type system enhancements

  • Further test case updates

  • Privacy policy update

  • Visible links to offline content pages


Partially added automatic tests for the most common offline/online scenarios:

  • Create a task

  • Deleting a task

  • Task update

  • User invitations

  • Edit task details

  • etc.


  • initial version

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