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Free Kanban And Chat for Efficient Project Management

Free Kanban And Chat for Efficient Project Management

With Rememo, you can split your projects into lists. A glance will tell you what you are working on, what your colleagues are working on, and what is being implemented today.

At your disposal is a virtual board with lists of stickers. You can see your personal tasks and the tasks your team has to solve. Each note has images, text formatting tools, Giphy animations, documents, and comments in real-time with emojis for your convenience.

All this you can use at any time convenient for you, completely free of charge, having access to the Internet.




The chat feature in the project management app allows users to communicate with one another in real-time. Users can create group conversations, share files, and chat with team members to quickly and easily collaborate on projects.


Kanban and List views

Use drag and drop, keyboard, or "Move card" dialog to control an unlimited number of projects and lists.



Provides insight into the progress and performance of projects. With detailed graphical representations and easy-to-read tables, you can quickly identify areas for improvement in your workflow.

Opportunities for you and your team

The Kanban board allows you to see the status of the work at the moment, making teamwork management more effective.

Organize team collaboration anytime. You can always share upcoming tasks and new information. Comment on everything related to your projects from anywhere in the world.

Your assistant

Kanban helps you manage by visualizing work, allowing you to complete a process, and promoting a smooth work experience wherever it is applied.

Rememo will help you analyze what is happening to improve your workflow, making it more efficient.


All projects are private by default unless shared. Read more on the Terms of Service page.


The current set of features is free and will always be free. The app is under active development, so some premium features may appear in the future.

Not enough functions?

Do you need some specific report charts? Or you have found a bug? Contact dev by email or post an issue on the project's Github.

Time, clients, bills - everything is in the palm of your hand!

The application will help you calculate billable and non-billable hours using timers. You will be able to create timesheets. This will help you determine how much time is spent on each project and find ways to optimize your work. The automatic customer invoicing system will serve you as well. After reviewing the settings, you can add a brand logo to each invoice, which will be a kind of advertising for those who have already used your service and their acquaintances - your potential customers.

Cover everything at a glance

Take a look at your projects page and analyze all your projects. Look at their status, dynamics, time spent, team comments, and project questions. Rememo will help you with this.

Tasks for your team

The application will help you set the primary and secondary tasks for the group, which will help to implement the project successfully. You and your team can swap files and have in-depth conversations with each other. All this promises you a pleasant user interface.

Task templates

You can easily set up and organize tasks using the simple and user-friendly Rememo interface. You will be presented with automated templates. So you can get started right away.

Stay up to date

Our application will help you monitor the implementation of projects and the participation of team members in this. Now you can quickly formulate your tasks, set deadlines, and track the process using boards.

More free time for important things

You will immediately appreciate the convenience of communication without long letters and separate attachments. You can now communicate much faster by using the built-in command messages, file uploads, and time tracking with no limits.