Free Kanban Boards Unlimited

Free Kanban Boards Unlimited

Suppose you're looking for a project management web app that supports tasks, tags and due dates, time tracking, Google Drive attachment sync, comments, assigning assignees, archiving, project sharing, and bulk actions. In that case, it is the perfect choice for you.

The application allows users to manage their projects with the Kanban viewer easily. This provides complete visibility of each task in real-time. A flexible action button layout allows users to customize task cards to suit their needs. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to move tasks from one stage to another as needed.

Users can effectively prioritize their workflows with the labels and color coding included with Rememo's Kanban viewing features.

The interface allows you to filter tasks by tags and due dates to find what you need faster. Create your categories by adding tags to make related tasks easy to identify, then filter items as you browse through various lists or boards throughout the project's lifecycle.

You can permanently archive individual tasks as completed or even select multiple entries at once for quick archiving using the bulk actions feature.

Provide control without compromising internal network data security protocols. The app allows users to share limited access to internal projects outside their company network, which is convenient for digital agencies and design studios who prefer working with clients.

The time tracking feature keeps track of any changes to the workflow and gives users an accurate look at where they spend most of their time. This helps them identify areas where additional efforts are needed or adjustments must be made at a particular stage or milestone in the project process and stay organized.

No matter where you are, synchronization between multiple devices is greatly simplified. Google Drive integration is also included, so files attached to tasks can be quickly accessed anytime. NoMoreover, when working with teams, there will never be problems related to collaboration since all participants will have access to the relevant documents unless otherwise specified by administrators in the permission settings. This also makes managing large organizations quick and easy.

Free Kanban boards make project management faster and easier than ever — whether you work alone or in teams.

The application ensures that each user is kept up to date with the progress of any particular project and allows sufficient flexibility to customize settings based on the needs of each user or team. Make sure all stakeholders are aware of the opportunities.




Customize the appearance of tasks the way you like - advanced or minimal view, order and presence of action buttons. All this can be configured so as not to be distracted by functions that are not needed for your workflow.
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Tags and due date

Label your tasks with labels to organize them into categories, which can be used to filter certain types of items in your project quickly. Set due dates and reminders to help you stay ahead of schedule.
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Time tracking

Keep track of how much time was spent completing a given task from start to finish - this is especially useful when it comes to budgeting large projects.
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Synchronization with Google Drive

Attachments you add to tasks will be synced to the Rememo folder in your Google Drive. The application does not have access to other folders.


Leave comments on tasks with emojis, attachments (images/files), or GIPHY animations that can be shared by all users in the project team workspace.


Invite unlimited users to join the same project - great for remote teams.


Quickly move finished items out of sight without completely removing them - that way, if something needs to be reviewed later or a report needs to be made, you won't have any trouble finding it again.

External access

Want to share a project sheet with your client? Grant access to users outside of your company. They will be able to perform any action except deleting the data.

Bulk Actions

Allows users to perform actions on multiple tasks at the same time. Users can select multiple tasks, assign them to team members, mark them as completed, or change their status. This helps streamline workflows and eliminates the need for separate steps for each task.


With a filter, users can quickly sort tasks and organize their projects most efficiently: based on specific tags assigned to tasks by date, assigned color, or artist. This makes it easy to track who is responsible for which tasks and when the deadline is.


The keyboard shortcut feature in the project management app allows users to quickly access various features and tools in the app. This feature makes it easy for users to navigate and manage their projects without using a mouse.
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