Reports to manage your projects

Reports to manage your projects

The Reports feature provides powerful time-tracking capabilities allowing teams to measure project performance accurately. This helps users understand how their team spends their time and makes it easier to identify areas for improvement.

With the reporting feature, users can track the progress of each task from start to finish and quickly get detailed information about individual tasks or entire projects. This allows team members to quickly assess which tasks are taking longer than expected, where resources need to be adjusted, and what changes might be needed to streamline the workflow.

The reporting feature also allows users to view a complete history of all completed tasks, detailed descriptions, and related process information such as date/time stamps, responsible personnel, etc. Lead time by activity type or individual user productivity over a given period.

Includes comprehensive filtering options that allow users to drill down into specific categories. For example, project status (active or archived), priority level (urgent, high or low), or any combination of these to create accurate reports tailored to the specific need or purpose they may have in mind when managing projects. These filters make it easy for seasoned professionals and novices who need a quick overview of complex systems but lack the technical knowledge needed for more extensive analysis tools elsewhere.

Finally, it combines an array of graphical representations designed to be easy to understand and interpret without requiring advanced data science knowledge. It is invaluable when managers try to explain the current position on the project timeline at any point in its life cycle. From traditional bar charts showing the cumulative hours worked at each stage to completion to line charts showing average workload based on past weeks/months, pie charts visualizing resource allocation per person/activity, and more. Display and visualize the way you want.

These features combine to provide an efficient mechanism by which teams can get a glimpse of their progress trajectory without having to spend undue effort sifting through raw numerical values.




Allows users to quickly identify areas that need attention or improvement to stay on top of complex projects. In addition, they can also compare the performance of different teams or departments by creating separate reports grouped by this information.


Bar charts illustrate work completed over time, while pie charts show how much time each team member has dedicated to specific tasks compared to others working on the same project.

PDF export

Finally, all insights can be exported to PDF documents with a single click, making them extremely convenient to share with other stakeholders outside the organization who may not have access to the project but still need regular status updates.