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Kanban board: what is it?

Kanban board: what is it?

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In recent years, the Kanban board has been one of the most popular tools for executives.

Employee control is not the most important

A Kanban board is not mandatory to monitor how employees perform their assigned tasks. There are many other tools for this. Of course, the aforementioned tools also provide such opportunities. But an essential thing a Kanban board is needed for is to optimize the workflow and improve the interaction between company teams of any size.

If you try to briefly answer the question: “Kanban board, what is it?”. Then the correct answer will be: “This is a tool that allows you to find “growth points for business”. The impact will allow you to fully manage the workflow and coordinate between employees and increase the manageability of the business and, accordingly, its profitability.

Description of the Kanban Method

To make the right management decisions, you need to be able to visualize the entire workflow. A Kanban board is just such a powerful and convenient visualization tool. The prototype of this board first appeared in the 50s of the last century (Toyota). Demand was not too great, and car market competition was tricky.

The company's management created a unique tool to help monitor employees' productivity and visualize the workflow, from when raw materials are delivered to production to when the car leaves the factory.

What was this Kanban board for? What is its application? With her help, the corporation "Toyota" management wanted to find moments associated with losing working time. The task was to speed up the car's production as much as possible to increase the number of cars coming off the assembly line.

How Can a Kanban Board Help Your Business?

With the help of a kanban board, the leadership of the Japanese automotive giant was able to find exactly where the “jam” occurred in work and realized that loading the pipeline at 100% was unnecessary. Instead of helping to speed up the production process of the car, it stops it, as the parts are waiting to be used, and their number in front of the conveyor section is constantly increasing. This is the reason that the plant produces fewer cars than it could.


With this simple example, we can see how a Kanban board helps a business, regardless of what industry this business is based in. The help of the Kanban board in planning the company's work is simply invaluable. Now kanban boards are used in all innovative enterprises.

The Rememo Kanban app, provided for free, aims to bring the benefits of a Kanban board to businesses of all sizes. The app provides the tools to set up a customized Kanban board, helping teams optimize workflow, improve interaction, and achieve business goals. The app also provides features for monitoring tasks, ensuring that businesses can keep track of progress and coordinate effectively.

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